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quality assurance center in MRI

                                                      Let Quality Be Your Life Style                         

Quality Assurance Medical Research Institute

  • The QAMRI unit is taking the vision of being a toolkit that provides the available resources with its proper allocation in achieving both the international and national standards needed in the reform process of the educational establishments worldwide. By meeting those standards the MRI will gain both the accreditation from the international institutions and the confidence of the surrounding community fulfilling the vision of the MRI.

  • QAMRI is accommodating the vision of the MRI and is devoted to achieve it by implementing the symbol of CHANGE.
          C redibility
          H onorability
          A ccredibility
          N otability
          G uarantee
          E xcellency

          By integration of this symbol the QAMRI is paving the path to overcome the obstacles that to be met
          in the quality path.
  • Dean: Prof. Dr. Gamal Eldin Ahmed El Sawaf
  • Vice-Dean For Post Graduate Studies & Research: Prof. Mohamed Mohamed Mokhtar
  • Vice-Dean For Community Development & Environmental Affairs: Prof. Dr. Tarek Youssef Aref
  • Professor of Human Physiology: Prof. Dr. Maha Ibrahim
  • Assistant Professor of Clinical And Experimental Internal Medicine: Dr. Marwa Ahmed Abd El-salam madKour

  • Establishment of the quality assurance center of the medical research institute: QAMRI.
  • Three staff members in each department were chosen as coordinators between their department and the center.
  • The center organized 3workshops for the coordinators:
    • First workshop was about quality assurance in higher education / By prof.Dr.Nabil Dowidar
    • Second workshop was about how to fill course specification template / By prof.Dr.Nabil Dowidar
    • Third workshop was about how to fill course specification report / By prof.Dr.Nabil Dowidar
    • Fourth workshop was about how to fill course specification - by Prof. Dr. Maha Shoukry
    • Fifth workshop was about how to fill program specification - by Prof. Dr. Maha Shoukry
  • Meetings were organized on a weekly basis with the department's coordinators to explain how to fill the course specification template and the templates was revised by the center's members.
  • Meetings with the dean and vice dean were organized on monthly basis to discuss the progress of work in the center.
  • 6 review articles were published by Dr.Nabil Dowidar in journal of the medical research institute
  • Internal Auditing Team Members

Speaker's Kit



  Duties of Quality Assurance Unit
  Job Description to the Director of Quality Assurance Unit
  Job Description to the Quality Assurance Coordinator
  The Quality Assurance and Accreditation Handbook For Higher Education In Egypt
  Academic advisor form
  Code of Ethics
  Course and programmes
  Course Specification template
  Course Report template
  Program specification
  Template for assessment of the performance of a new educational programme
  Template for external auditor of the graduate programs

The Competitive Projects Funded by PCIQA (Power Point Presentation)

  • Applicants' Guideline Manual (Arabic) (English)
  • Developing Academic Programs for Accreditation Project "DAPAP" (Arabic) (English)
  • Higher Education Institutes Labs Certification Project "HLCP" (Arabic) (English)
  • Development of Students' Assessment Systems Project "DSASP" (Arabic) (English)

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