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journal of medical research institute

The "Journal of Medical Research Institute(JMRI)" is the official journal of Medical Research Institute, Alexandria, Egypt. We are dedicated to encourage and facilitate research at all levels and in all fields of medicine. We are predominantly devoted to reporting original investigations in the biomedical and health sciences, including research in the basic sciences; clinical trials of therapeutic agents; effectiveness of diagnostic or therapeutic techniques; or studies relating to the epidemiological, or educational aspects of medicine.

The JMRI aims to publish rigorous, accessible articles on all topics pertaining to various disciplines of medicine for publication. To achieve these aims we publish original research conducted nationally and internationally, original clinical observations accompanied by analysis and discussion, analysis of philosophical, ethical, or social aspects of the health professions or biomedical sciences, critical reviews, case reports with discussions. The site is intended primarily for those in the health professions; researchers, practitioners, educators, administrators, scientists, and students. The phrase health professions includes physicians, nurses, dentists, and the many types of allied health professionals in the research and health care delivery systems.

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